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Ballet Uniforms

Pre-School ballet:

  • Any tutu skirt,tights and leggings

  • Leather ballet shoes 

Junior ballet:

  • RAD regulation Marine Blue leotard and skirt.

  • Pink, Bronze or brown ballet tights and leather ballet shoes to match dancer's skin tone.

Teenage/Adult ballet:

  • Any leotard, leggings, fitted top, ballet tights in Pink/Brown/Bronze.

  • Canvas or leather ballet shoes to match dancer's own skin tone.


  • Fitted t-shirt and leggings/ ballet leotard and tights of choice

  • Shoes to match tights of choice

*Regulation uniforms can be purchased through our NEW online store!

Link below.

For shoes, cardigans and pre-school ballet gear head to Uniform Warehouse Maynooth.


Online store:

Studio Dance Wear:

EDS Merchandise 

Look and feel part of the team in our EDS Uniforms.

Currently available to order through Siobhan are our fantastic range of warm-up gear and personalized sets to keep track of your dance class and competition essentials.

-EDS Hoodies available in Child and Adult sizes in Colors Black, Marine Blue and Hot Pink.

-EDS Packs include personalized shoe bag, water bottle, notebook for corrections and hand sanitizer.

-EDS Onesie is perfect warm up attire for class or competitions

-EDS Facemask 


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